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Please Take Note On Changes That Need To Be Made At The FCC

The Amount Of Used Two-way Radio Equipment Available On The Market For Sale Today Is Becoming Slimmer And Slimmer. Soon There Will Be No Used Radios Available For Use On GMRS.

The majority of the older GMRS repeaters in use today are running old 25kHz analog repeaters. As those repeaters fail, GMRS repeater owners and potential repeater owners will begin to have a harder time finding good wideband gear like what has been available.

Even the mobile and portable radios that are being used to make portable repeaters will soon be gone.

New radios that are being manufactured today for part 90 use are not part 95 compliant. And, the manufactures of Part 95 gear for GMRS are not interested in expanding its line of GMRS radios to meet the challenges we Licensed GMRS operators are facing.

Too many combo FRS/GMRS radios are being produced instead of quality GMRS radios. Even finding good quality new repeaters at a reasonable price is a joke.

In order for GMRS to stay viable for it's licensed users view and opinion on GMRS and the types of radios (can we say narrowband, digital) are going to have to change at the FCC.

Rules and regulation about part 95 compliance and/or certification needs to be updated to include those radios that are also included under Part 90.

Please send a letter or email to FCC asking them to make the changes necessary so that we GMRS licensed users will have radios available to us in the future.

We GMRS Licensed Operators are entitled to the same advanced technology in radio communications equipment as allowed and being used in other bands.

Don't sit back and let other bands control what direction GMRS travels forward.

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New World Star Systems...

Our new "World Star GMRS System" should start rolling out the door and be ready for install by the end of this year.

These repeaters will be installed within each county/parish/division and available for use by members of our association to use for communications with their family and other licensed GMRS radio operators.

The way this system is designed is that each County within each State will be divided up into four (4) "Precincts".
Each of these precincts will be configured for one (1) GMRS channel per each Precinct and one (1) Countywide channel.
Some systems may even be connected with multiple other County/State systems.

Again, this is our attempt here at the USA GMRS Association at working together to bring quality communications to our family and friends within the communities of our United States.

Although not designed to replace the local cellular phone systems (except during or after a disaster situation when all cellular phone sites may be down or unavailable for public use), it is just another tool in your toolbox for having dependable communication within and around your communities.

As this project has been tested and proven to be very functional and usable as designed now for over a year we will be expanding it to many Cities, Counties, and States in the coming months.

We here at USA GMRS Association are proud of the individuals stepping up and obtaining their GMRS license throughout the United States and welcome you all to the world of GMRS.
Our advertisements, web pages, and community forums, along with social media, proves that we, and you as a licensed GMRS operator, are getting the word out about GMRS and aiding in the encouragement of those getting their license so they may use the assigned channels legally.

The expansion of our new "World Star GMRS Linking System" -- a statewide and nationwide multi-link system -- continues to expand in many states. Many of these linking networks are in place and are operational today. Some are even up and available to licensed GMRS users. Once there is at least a 60% coverage in each/all states we will turn the systems up and make it available for every licensed GMRS paid member of our USA GMRS Association. So keep an eye out and check back here often as this build out will be progressing daily.

A Big Thank you to all of you from us here at the USA GMRS Association

USA GMRS Association
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Do you find it hard to imagine disaster victims with no communications, no power, no gas, nothing?

A soloar powered emergency repeater will usually cover an entire neighborhood district/subdivision.

Setting up neighborhood emergency communication radio system that can be accessed and operated by most any FRS, GMRS or UHF two-way radios brings emergency communications to your fingertips.

Communication systems like this allow for neighborhoods to have a larger area of emergency communications than most short radio-to-radio communications do.

Call today to see how you can add repeaters to your neighborhood for emergency communications.


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What's The Difference Between GMRS & FRS.."

Well for one, FRS radios have lower transmit power (like .5 watts of RF power output), must not have the ability to remove the antenna, and FRS channels require no license to transmit on them.

GMRS radios can run more power (up to and a max of 50 watts with no max on ERP) and GMRS users may use handhelds Click here To Read More

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